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Xilinx AMS101 Evaluation Card

The AMS101 Evaluation Card is part of the Analog Mixed Signal Evaluation Platform which allows testing of the Xilinx Analog-to-Digital Converter (XADC) and Analog Mixed Signal (AMS) technology. This daughter card can be paired with any 7 series or Zynq™-7000 SoC baseboards (including the Avnet® ZedBoard).The AMS Evaluator tool installer, reference and demo design files are available on the AMS101 Evaluation Card support page to validate the XADC’s performance, including the internal temperature and supply voltage sensors, signal-to-noise ratio, effective number of bits, linearity, and many other specifications.

The AMS101 Evaluation Card includes an on-board 16-bit DAC which provides an analog test source to the XADC. Paired with the AMS reference designs, the DAC can supply a precision sine wave or DC signal. The AMS101 Evaluation Card also includes BNC “mini grabbers” for applying a single differential external signal to the card’s gold posts.
Part Number: HW-AMS101-G