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Display Kits

7 inch Zed Touch Display

The 7-inch Zed Touch Display Kit provides engineers with everything needed to develop products with interactive GUIs and touchscreen capabilities. The kit combines an 800 x 480 WVGA TFT-LCD display with an industrial projective capacitive touch sensor, I2C-based touch controller, LED backlight supply and all the necessary cables. The touch display connects to the ZedBoard, MicroZed, or Zynq Mini-ITX through a standard DisplayPort cable and adapter cards. The projected capacitive touch overlay provides enhanced touch ruggedness which is suitable for outdoor or industrial environments.
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10-inch Touch Display Kit

Avnet’s 10-inch Touch Display Kit demonstrates a complete embedded display system, allowing for video output to an integrated 10-inch LVDS display with the benefits of projected capacitive touch technology. The kit combines a 1280 x 800 WXGA TFT-LCD display with a PCAP touch sensor overlay, I2C touch controller, LED backlight supply, haptic feedback driver, 3-axis accelerometer and all the necessary cables for connecting to a development board. The touch display easily connects to the ZedBoard™, MicroZed™, PicoZed™, or Zynq® Mini-ITX through the standard DisplayPort cable and adapter cards included with the kit.