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Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC FMC Extender Board

Engineers prototyping with industry-standard FPGA evaluation and development kits often leverage the FMC interface for I/O expansion that fits their application needs. In some cases, the mating height of the standard FMC connectors may prevent fully leveraging the connectivity options of all FMCs. In response to that need, Avnet Electronics Marketing has developed the FMC Extender for placement between FPGA Carrier Cards and FMC Daughter Cards. The FMC Extender adds an additional 12 mm of mating height between an FPGA Carrier Card and an FMC Daughter Card. This increased space can be used for additional I/O Expansion during development.​​​​​​

Part Number: AES-FMC-EXT-G

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Avnet, Inc.
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