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March 2012

Compiling qemu and zynq-linux

My previous post described how to get a VirtualBox VM running on Windows and launch the 64bit precompiled binary of the Zynq qemu Virtual Machine.  Here I am going to touch on how to get the qemu VM running on a 32 bit install of Linux.

Note: You will need a Xilinx login (free) to download some of these tools/packages/source code.

Bringing up the Zynq QEMUVirtual Machine on Windows


So after I wrote the previous post I thought to myself how not everyone interested in Zynq is going to be running Linux.  So I thought I would put together a small step-by-step how-to on how to bring Xilinx's Zynq QEMU based VM up on a Windows box.

A few things:


Xilinx is maintaining a version of Linux just for Zynq!  Check out the landing page here:

From the above link:


int main()
     printf("Hello World!");
     return 0;

Hello there!  If you have found yourself here then you probably have a small knowledge of either Zynq, FPGA's, ARM processors, or Xilinx.  If you don't have a working knowledge of any of those things, here are some reference links to get you started!