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Basic: GPIOs in JE1 MIO Pmod block

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Basic: GPIOs in JE1 MIO Pmod block

Hello. This is a pretty basic question that I've been struggling with. I am trying to communicate with a GPIO pin (ultimately connected to an encoder) from the JE1 MIO Pmod block from a ZedBoard. 
From what I've read with tutorials, on the Vivado side, there are no IPs required besides the main Zynq block. 
Right now I just want to turn on and off a pin (actuate high to low) in this block (MIO0 - MIO15) so I left the settings in Vivado alone/in the default state and do not have EMIOs enabled (those are only for the PL side, correct?)
(I am following this tutorial:
For the software in SDK, I am just changing the
#define ledpin [#]
line to be one of the MIO #'s from the block, say 9 for example. However, I haven't been having any luck communicating with any of the pins. 
I would appreciate any help if I am setting up the Vivado hardware configuration wrong, or if I am not accessing the JE1 pins correctly. I am completely new to embedded system programming and working with an SoC/FPGA. Thanks!! 



So long as you enabled the PS GPIO pins that correspond to the JE1 MIO Pmod, your hardware platform should be ok. That blog you are referencing is what I typically send individuals to for reference.

Why don't you try taking a look at some of the existing example code for using the PS GPIO driver, You can find it around this location of your sdk install.