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Basic Zedboard Tutorial about HDMI

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Basic Zedboard Tutorial about HDMI

Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie in FPGA, and I need some guidance with HDMI.
My company has both Microzed and Zedboard as starter kit to develop a video processing project.

I have tried to run some tutorials about HDMI, and the only one that I could run was the “Zedboard HDMI Display Controller Tutorial” (after adapting it from Vivado 2013.4 to Vivado 2014.4).
The situation is as follows:
-To visualize HDMI, I will use Zedboard. Getting advantage of the on-board ADI ADV7511 HDMI transmitter.
-I still do not have a camera to test it with real images (I will need to implement a Test Patter Generator)
-I have installed Vivado 2014.4 Version.

So, I also have try to adapt the tutorial: “Designing High-Performance Video Systems with the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC Using IP Integrator”, but I am not able to get a clear idea about how it has to be changed.
To begin, I would be happy if I can display a video with the Test Pattern Generator.

Does anybody has a simple project for Zedboard/Vivado 2014.4 using HDMI, in wich I can clearly understand the routing for the clock/data/control signals?

Thanks in advance, Noemi

Hi Noemi

Hi Noemi
Take a look at this post it might help, but personally I had no experience with HDMI so far.

Hi there,

Hi there,
Have you used the VIPP version?
Search "Zedboard HDMI Display Controller Tutorial for Vivado using Xilinx VIPP" on
"This tutorial describes how to create a HDMI display controller for ZedBoard using the Xilinx Video Image Processing Pack (VIPP). The example software provided with the tutorial is a simple bare metal application that generates color bars."

Hi there,

Hi there,

Could we use the IP zedboard -HDMI Output (pre-Production), in other version like 2015.2.
I have implemented this IP to monitor my image from my sensor but I am afraid if it doesn't work.

kind regards