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Battery for Zedboard

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Battery for Zedboard

I have a zedboard and I wanted to know if I can power it using a battery instead of the 12V ac-dc adapter. If yes, could you give me the specifications of the battery that I can use.

Thank you.

RE: Battery for Zedboard

Hi Raunak,

If you are looking to power a Zynq board with a battery, MicroZed is a much more flexible option.

Since ZedBoard supports FMC, it requires 12V in order to meet the VITA57 Specification. You would need a battery that can supply 12V with a minimum 5W output. On top of that, you would also need to come up with some way of connecting the battery into the ZedBoard power at J20.

If you are only looking at using the Zynq Processing System, MicroZed is even more attractive since it can be powered directly via the USB-UART connector J2. In this case, you could use a decent sized external battery (with a USB style output connector) to power the MicroZed in standalone mode.