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BOOT.bin for Linux 2017.2 BSP

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BOOT.bin for Linux 2017.2 BSP

Using the 2017.2 BSP for the ultrazed.  The prebuilt linux images boot correctly - when I use the supplied BOOT_SD.bin (renamed to BOOT.bin, and related system.dtb image.ub files that are supplied.

I want to use my own .bit file with the supplied files, but when I create a BOOT.bin using the SDK it does not boot.  When I power on (with the SD media inserted) it does say: Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader Release 2017.2 ....  However it never gets to uboot or any further for that matter.
I have followed the same procedure that has worked in the past for the picoZed board.
Can someone provide any details on how to create the boot.bin file for this release?  What am I doing wrong.  Is there any tutorial that covers creating the boot.bin file for a linux based ultrazed system?