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Booting issue with Minized

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Booting issue with Minized

I am following the "Booting MiniZed Using QSPI and eMMC" guide to learn how to create my own BSP for the Minized:
I program flash with BOOT.bin and to copy image.ub  into eMMC, as indicated into Experiment 3: U-BOOT should be able to recognize eMMC and jump to it to start linux image.
But it fails....
The error message is:
"Card did not respond to voltage select!
 MMC Device 0 not found
 no mmc device at slot 0"
Has someone already replicated this issue or could someone test the flow?


I'm not sure what is in your eMMC or whether your eMMC may be corrupt or incorrectly set up in your image.ub.  The first thing to do would be to make sure you can recover your MiniZed.  Or make sure you can interrupt the boot process to inspect your eMMC.  The steps for this are described in "Restore QSPI and eMMC Factory Images" on under "Documentation".  This should enable you to establish whether your eMMC is fine or not and to recover it if it is corrupted, which can happen if the system is not shut down properly.
If this is not the issue, then a step in the tutorial could have been skipped.  Please respond on whether this allows you to move forward or not. 

Thanks Stefano for your reply

Thanks Stefano for your reply.
I am able to restore my board and the eMMC seems to be fine.
I will step through the tutorial again to check if I missed some step.
I will let you know.
Thanks in advance,