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building petalinux

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building petalinux

I am running into errors building peta-linux.  I will describe my steps bellow
so I source the make_minized_petalinux.tcl file to create a Vivado project.  Once the project is complete, I export the HDF file.
I then create an empty petalinux project and configure it with the HDF file from the Vivado project.
After configuring the project, I run petalinux-build.  After a few minutes, I get an error.

ERROR: Task (/home/jacob/Xilinx/petalinux_20174/components/yocto/source/arm/layers/meta-xilinx-tools/recipes-bsp/device-tree/ failed with exit code '1'


The terminal mentions a log file and when I open up the log file, there is a critical warning that the board_part definiton was not found for


I presume this is what caused the error.


Any tips on what I am doing wrong in my work flow?


Just to clarify, I am using

Just to clarify, I am using version 2017.4 of Vivado and petalinux

Hey Jacob,
After a little more googling

After a little more googling of my problem, I was able to figure out the problem.  The solution was actually documented in a Xilinx answer record.
I guess I didn't see any mention of this in other documents, but for other people running into a problem building petalinux for the minized, I'll post the link to the solution below.