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Building PetaLinux for MiniZed

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Building PetaLinux for MiniZed

Dear Forum,
Can I employ a 16.4 BSP for the Minized with 17.x Vivado / Petalinux tools.?
Keeping the BSP and Vivado tools versions aligned has resulted in successful builds, but using the 16.4 MZ BSP and 17.1 Xilinx tools has resulted in Device-Tree build failure.
When will there be a 17.x BSP for Minized?

RE: Building PetaLinux for MiniZed


The official response here is that it is definitely not supported to mix tool versions like this since there can be (and often are) compatibility issues between the two versions. The problem often lays with the way the hardware platform is handed off from Vivado to PetaLinux through the HDF (Hardware Definition File) and is interpreted by the DTG (Device Tree Generator) under PetaLinux.

That being said, we have some developers that have been forced to experiment with this flow you mentioned prior to the release of PetaLinux Tools 2017.1 and so far we have not run into issues. You may have similar success but keep in mind the above warning as YMMV.

We are working on the 2017.1 PetaLinux BSP and should have something in the coming weeks.

Best Regards,