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buildinging an image on the sd card from my custom design bitstream

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buildinging an image on the sd card from my custom design bitstream

I have previuosly designed a network and implemented it using boot image on zed board. But due to the higher resource demnad for the my upgraded network version I have choosen ultra96.

I desinged it with using  S_axi_HP0 slave interface & connecting it to axi_dma(sg engine disabled). I'm facing two challenges in this case.
first, previously with processing system 7_0 design I had fixed_IO, DDR port as boart preset which i don't have with the zync_ultra_ps_e_0. So after automation I'm not sure about stream out interface.what should i possibly change to make it workin? or should i leave it like it is after automation?

Second, I'm also working on how can i make a boot image from my output bitstream. previously I made it by creating image from sdk(boot.bin and .bif) and loading it into the sd card. I saw an option in ultra 96 website where you have an option using petalinux  "build from source" where they use a design_1_wrapper.bit. I've completed that part and planning to replace with my .bit file. will it work? if not, what should i do to run my .bit using sd card? 

Thank you (I apologize for such a naive and long post)

Have you already looked at

Have you already looked at the Intro tutorials at Those will walk through the board definition, basic architecture, bare metal test apps, and creating an SD image.