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Burnt FPGA

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Burnt FPGA

Dear Community,

A student of mine worked on a project with a ZedBoard. After he unplugged a HDMI cable (connected to a television) from the board, the Zynq FPGA does not boot anymore, neither from the SD card, nor from JTAG. I've in the forums that the ZedBoard is extremly vulnerable to ESD.
Can this board be replaced?

Board Failure

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your ZedBoard. If your board purchase is within the warranty period you can contact the organization you purchased the board from and request an RMA.

After almost two (!) months,

After almost two (!) months, they finally answered the report:

"I have reported this problem as a potential vulnerability of the board. Unfortunately ther is nothing you can do about the damaged board.

Best regards,"

Well. That was ZedBoard (and support) for me.

It seems, that Digilent

It seems, that Digilent changed his mind, the board will be exchanged. But I think this is only luck. It is still strange that it took 1.5-2 months to compose that short e-mail.

The organization where I bought the board (and who was in contact with Digilent) was absolutely helpful, I am grateful to them.

ESD in the Era of Global Warming

With all the wacky weather out there, I will volunteer an ESD tip from Southern California, USA:

Really, really worry about ESD on super dry days.

Old electronic factories in SoCal would just shut down completely for a few days during our "Santa Ana" dry conditions. Now, we have these dry episodes for weeks and the humidity gets in the single digits, demanding extra care for our digital friends.


hi sir

i myself manoj, I had programmed fpga of avnet zedboard with Xilinx SDK -> Xilinx Tools -> Program FPGA -> LOADING a custom bilt .bit file, with jumper set as (looking from fpga side) 01100. after his UART IS not working . computer says no hardware id available please contact hardware manufacturer, how to solue this problem, is there any guide to reset the zedboard to factory default. Please help