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Busybox on Zedboard - Generating bit file in vivado

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Busybox on Zedboard - Generating bit file in vivado

Hi all,
My boot partition for BusyBox (command line operating system) includes:

zImage, BOOT.bin, devicetree_ramdisk.dtb, ramdisk8M.image.gz

I used the above files provided by digilentinc
and It is working fine..

But when..
I am trying to generate BOOT.bin on my own, it is not working. In my serial terminal output.. there is no zynq> prompt and it is hanging after some point (at SCSI initialization)

Any suggestions or help ?!

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Busybox on Zedboard - Generating bit file in vivado

Hi Aravind,

That Digilent release was made quite a while ago using the Xilinx ISE toolflow. Since so much has changed since the time those files were created, if you are trying to rebuild any of those files I recommend starting with a baseline set of files that are much newer.

A good place to start is by using the latest Xilinx Zynq Linux release that is up on their Wiki.

Once you have loaded the appropriate zed files from the release archive and verified that they work on your ZedBoard then you should have an easier time coming up with a boot.bin that works well.