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Cable driver install error

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Gert van Loo
Cable driver install error

I have first installed SDK then un-installed and installed Vivado but both times I get a message that there is a problem during installation of the cable drivers The problems is mentioned as (get this) "/html".
I try to run the hell_world example.
"Error while launching program:
Could not find ARM device on the board for connection 'Local'. "
I also tried to program the FPGA with a .bit file. I get a similar message: Could not find FPGA device on the board for connection 'Local'.
I can see both the COM port (COM5) and the serial device in the device drivers tree but I can't connect. This all works with a colleagues laptop thus the jumpers are OK, but my Dell laptop is not liking the software (or does not like me).

Hello Gert,

Hello Gert,

What version of the tools are you running. What Operating System are you using on your Dell Laptop. What Operating System is your colleagues laptop? What developkent board of ours are you using? Did you install the various drivers for that development board? Do you have both Vivado and SDK installed?