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can we avoid using a wrapper file for PS - PL IO connections?

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can we avoid using a wrapper file for PS - PL IO connections?

Hi Folks,

I am using a MicroZed board and I have generated a fully functional block design / vhdl app / software app. It is all working together and I can send 32 bit data both directions between my VHDL code and my software application. In that design, I generated a wrapper file and modified it. That's great. It works but is it possible to avoid using a wrapper file?

The reason for wanting to avoid a wrapper file is because a wrapper is machine generated. When you are iterating a lot (as I am), hand modifications are a likely source of errors. That source of errors can be eliminated if the machine generated files are separate from the hand generated files.

When I attempt to avoid generating a wrapper file, the compiler tries to connect the PS-PL signals to chip pins. There are not enough chip pins and so the effort fails. So, something in the use of a wrapper file tells the compiler to map the PS-PL signals as PS-PL connections (as opposed to chip IO lines). The question is then, how can I insure that PS-PL signals are kept as PS-PL signals without using a wrapper file?

Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this!

After you generate the

After you generate the initial block design wrapper, there is an option to "Copy generated wrapper to allow user edits." This will prevent future changes to the block design from doing an auto-update to your wrapper.