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Cannot detect Ultrazed Board on host PC using UART and JTAG.

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Cannot detect Ultrazed Board on host PC using UART and JTAG.

Hi there, 
    Recently I upgrade my development board from zedboard to ultrazed (including IO carrier). And now I met a strange problem:
My host PC and Vivado cannot find the connected UltraZed, which means: the seriel cannot open the COM(or ttys) port using USB-UART, and Vivado cannot program bitstream to FPGA using JTAG as well.
OS : ubuntu14.04
Vivado: 2017.1
I followed the start kit tutorials:

  1.  Install USB UART Drivers (CP210x)
  2. set boot mode to QSPI
  3. connect JP1 on IO Carrier Card
  4. connect the power
  5. start the Tera term and set the parameters...

And cannot open the serial port. I use 'ls /dev' and no /dev/ttyACM0 or other serial port find. Tera Term shows no characters.
Then I followed the start kit Vivado tutorials (led example):

  1.  design the 'bd'
  2. generate the bitstream
  3. set the boot mode to JTAG
  4. programming bitsteam

But I cannot open the target FPGA, which means no board detected by USB-JTAG. 
What's more, the host PC can detect and program my ZedBoard.
The board is new bought, is it possible there are some problems with it?  Any one can give some advise? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Smhroot,

Hello Smhroot,

1)  Are you absolutely sure the boot mode switch positions are all set to ON? The ON position is clearly marked on the switch.

2)  To eliminate issues with the USB-JTAG module on the Carrier Card, do you have a Xilinx USB JTAG cable you can use instead? You can plug the USB JTAG cable into the J6 JTAG header on the Carrier Card (make sure to disconnect the USB cable from the USB-JTAG module when using the USB JTAG cable).