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carrier board not initializing.

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carrier board not initializing.

When I start up my development board and follow all the quick start instructions the carrier board powers up with all red LEDs. LED0, DS1 and DS8 are red. I never get the blue led signifying that the configuration is done on the FMC board. 
I also can not communicate with the picozed 2x2 or see anything on my monitor. I have tried multiple monitors/keyboard mouse combinations....nothing works.

It sounds as though you have

It sounds as though you have not copied the boot files into the root directory of the SD card.

Please see this related post --

Let us know if you're still having trouble.


This did fix it. The issue

This did fix it. The issue was a misinterpretation of the instructions. It said to copy the files into the root directory. I, using linux as my main OS, copied the files into THE root direcotry on the SD card. Instead the shoul dbe copied into the BOOT folder.
Ha. I might be a little too literal for my own good.