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Clock-capable pins

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Clock-capable pins

I am trying to prototype a frequency counter with a ZedBoard. I used "JA4" (which is AA9 on the FPGA) to clock a counter with a high speed signal. It worked exactly like what I wanted, however, I need another input and I cannot find that works.
I looked at the I/O tab and saw that port "JA10" (AA8) is the only other avaiable clock-capapble pin on the PMOD headers. When I try to use it, I get an error saying it can only handle the N edge of a clock. When I searched for help it said I could just disable the error by putting:
  (* clock_buffer_type="none" *)input JA10,
in my code. This got rid of the error but the program does not work (the logic is never clocked by the signal input on JA10).
Thanks so much,