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Communicating between two boards? Which DAC and ADC works?

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Communicating between two boards? Which DAC and ADC works?

What Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital adapter boards can I use to be able to communicate between two Mini-ITX boards?
I will be generating some signals on on one system and decode it after ADC on another.

Hello Armendzh,

Hello Armendzh,

We don't have an easy solution for the Mini-ITX. Typically we use a PMOD adapter to solve this problem, however the Mini-ITX does not have any PMOD adapters available on it. So you will need a FMC Card. Here is a link to the FMC Card's Xilinx offers, however most of these solutions are fairly expensive.  

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative you could find a FMC Card with PMOD adapter then use a PMOD to communicate between the two Mini-ITX boards.

Here is a FMC Card from Digilent with PMOD adapters that you may find useful.

Maxim Integrated and Analog Devices have various selections for PMODs you can choose from to suit your needs(see links below)

Maxim Integrated - 

Analog Devices -


- Josh