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Communication system proto-typing using PicoZed SDR board

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Communication system proto-typing using PicoZed SDR board

We are trying to build an end-to-end communication link using PicoZed SDR modules.
End-to-End means sending data from computer over ethernet, receiving it on ARM running Linux and passing data over to FPGA running QPSK modem(the one provided in matlab packages), configuring AD9361 for RF communciation and sending data over air using AD9361 and receiving on another PicoZed module(or loopback) and passing data to another computer.
There are no proper software guides available at one place/website for complete development starting from Data handling on Linux to configuration of AD9361 and communication using example transceiver.
All we can do is run existing QPSK hardware in loop example which sends data from ARM and receives it on Computer(running Matlab).
There is no description of how ARM is linked to FPGA fabric and how to access and configure this interface.
Also how to build custom software on Linux which is provided along with Picozed SDR ?
How to access ADAU1761 for voice communication ? There are many forum questions which discuss ADAU1761 but none explains how to build the configuration code in existing Linux of Picozed SDR.
May be these questions are trivial for expert programmers in Linux. But  someone who has worked only on FPGAs might need a little more specific guides on using linux on ARM.
Kindly help in addressing these issues.