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Create configuration part

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Create configuration part

HeLLo!!! Please help me to find out the solution of this problem. Appropriate configuration memory part for the  Zedboad (xc7z020-1) I've chosen mt25/ql512 as I assume these group matched ones. When I wanted create configuration file 
write_cfgmem -format MCS -size 512 -interface bpix16 -loadbit "up 0x0 /
C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/vivado/REPORT.runs/impl_1/design_1_wrapper.bit" /
I got following errors:
ERROR: [Bitstream 40-46] File / cannot be opened for input.
ERROR: [Writecfgmem 68-7] Could not load bitfile /.
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'write_cfgmem' failed due to earlier errors.
I have tried to increase and decrease the memory size and change the memory parts but still there is same error.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Marzhan,

Hello Marzhan,

Please ask your question over at Digilent as they are the main point of contact for educational support.

Thank you,