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Datasheet for Marvell 88E1518

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Datasheet for Marvell 88E1518

The Marvell 88E1518 datasheet is not posted publicly.  To get access to this information, please contact your local Avnet Memec office. They can help you get an NDA in place, which you will need before you request access at

about the datasheet for 88e1518

i am from hang zhou dong xing guang dian technology company,we have a project with zedboard,as we want to use the PL to control the 88e1518,we need the datasheet about the 88e1518,thank you! my email address is

RE: about the datasheet for 88e1518

Hi 535727234,

Sorry, but we do not have any means to place you in touch with your local FAE from our side nor to send out Marvell datasheets.

My best recommendation is for you to contact your local Avnet/Silica branch or regional office and see if we get get someone to help you get connected to the Marvell documentation system.

One way to do this is to visit the Avnet website at and click on the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. This will take you to our regional divisions page. Look for the Avnet Electronics Marketing division link for your region. This link should then take you to a page listing the local offices in your region.