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Design it or Buy it?

Avnet’s ready-made SoC modules can shorten your development cycle

Today’s quick time-to-market demands are forcing you to rethink how you design, build and deploy your products. Sometimes it’s faster, less costly, and lower risk to use an off-the-shelf solution instead of designing from the beginning. Incorporating a SOM into your design can reduce development time, lower your risk and accelerate your time to market.

Avnet’s SoC Modules Offer the Following Benefits:

  • • Reduce risk by building your application upon a known working system
  • • Get running quickly with example designs, tutorials, and board support packages
  • • Start software development immediately
  • • Customize the module with Avnet Engineering Services (e-mail us at to explore the options)

With over fifteen years of experience building SOM products, we’ve helped many companies attain a jump start on their products and get to market faster. Contact us today to get started!

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