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Device Tree

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Device Tree

Hi ,
I would like to build a custom device tree for my miniITX zc7100 device. Can anyone provide me with a base device tree and procedure for modifying the device tree with repect to new devices plugged to the AXI Interface

Hello MiniITX_learn,

Hello MiniITX_learn,

You can try using the device tree generator in SDK to build you basic device tree from your existing hardware platform, see link below.

You could also use the Device Tree Compiler (DTC) on any existing DTB to decompile to source (you will lose all the layering and nice names though) see link below

Source for device trees for our PetaLinux releases is part of the BSP, so it gets built into the project you created form that. For Pulsar Linux the source is part of the wr-core hierarchy on OpenSourceLabs, or you can use DTC to decompile the DTB file on the uSD image.