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DONE LED fails to light on PicoZed 7015 and 7030 out-of-the-box

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DONE LED fails to light on PicoZed 7015 and 7030 out-of-the-box

PicoZed 7015 and 7030 SOMs manufactured with Serial Numbers less than or equal to the numbers below had an error in the image that got installed into the Flash. This error causes the SOM boot to stall after U-boot loads. This means that the bitstream does not get configured into the PL, so the blue DONE LED does not light. Additionally, booting to Linux does not happen. 


BD-Z7PZP-7Z015-G REV C01 Serial 1415249

BD-Z7PZP-7Z030-G REV C01 Serial 1412248


This is no way affects the quality of the boards, as they had to complete a full functional test before leaving the factory. You can verify that your board is in expected condition by checking the output on the USB-UART terminal:


U-Boot 2014.01-dirty (Sep 29 2014 - 09:07:05)

I2C:   ready
Memory: ECC disabled
DRAM:  1 GiB
MMC:   zynq_sdhci: 0, zynq_sdhci: 1
Using default environment

In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Net:   Gem.e000b000
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
Copying Linux from QSPI flash to RAM...
Unknown command 'sf' - try 'help'


We apologize for this issue. An upgraded version of the Avnet Flash image is described in this forum post, or you may freely reprogram the QSPI with your own image.





One more note -- you can also

One more note -- you can also use the pre-built image inside the PetaLinux BSP. This gives you the added advantage of having an archive of the hardware platform in a more recent Vivado version. The BSP archive is a zip file – for example
 - When unzipped, you find archive pz_7z030.bsp
 - This file can also be unzipped. Open pz_7z030.bsp in a zip extraction tool. I use 7-zip
 - Dig down 2 levels and extract folder pz-7z030
 - Browse to pre-built\linux\images
To get an understand of what is inside that folder and how to use it, refer to 

Application Note on Booting PicoZed Using QSPI and eMMC
Booting PicoZed Using QSPI and eMMC v2.1

FPGA DONE LED fails to light on PicoZed 7015

I have succeeded with petalinux 2015.2,but when I try to boot it with BOOT.BIN,the bule DONE LED still does not light.Then how should I do it?


It is not really clear what you are trying to do. Please start a new forum thread and explain exactly what files and versions you used, what steps you took, your hardware (PicoZed 7015 and PicoZed Carrier Card?), the version of Xilinx tools you are using, and your host PC OS.