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Downloaded SDSoC, got SDx

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Downloaded SDSoC, got SDx


I downloaded SDSoC with the executable Xilinx_SDSoC_2017.1_sdx_0623_1_Win64, installed it, but when I open the program installed, it's SDx and not SDSoC. I'm worried because I tried it also with the version 2016.4 and it did the same thing. SDx doesn't have the capacity to do SDSoC estimation, so I would prefer using SDSoC.
When I launch the exe file I get the window "SDx IDE 2017.1 Installer", why isn't it the SDSoC Installer ? When I have to chose the Development Environments I chose SDSoC Platforms.

Anyone got the same problem and could help me figure out what to do ? 

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It appears you recieved a response over at Xilinx

In any case they are the best choice in answering your question as it is a tool related question.