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Efficient way to debug AMP configuration?

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Efficient way to debug AMP configuration?


I am looking for an efficient way to debug an AMP configuration on a ZedBoard. In my configuration core 0 runs a Linux kernel, which then starts the a bare-metal application on the second core via remoteproc/rpmsg.

Now I can connect to just the second core by invoking the command "connect arm hw -debugdevice cpunr 2" in XMD. Then I can also step through the instructions, but I am missing essentially two features:

1. Set a breakpoint to the start of the program and then step through it. The way I do it, I end up in the middle of the program, because I can only connect to the second core once Linux has started the bare-metal application.

2. I would love to have a disassembly rather than just the plain OP-code. A dream would be to be able to debug the bare-metal application graphically directly from XSDK.

Do you think on or even two of my points are realizable?


Look at Xapp1078

Have you looked at the debugging section near the end of XAPP1078?

Hi Gary,

Hi Gary,

thanks for your reply. Now I could get it working. To overcome my first problem, I place an infinite loop at the position I want to stop to connect the debugger:

volatile int x=1; while(x);

I then just change the value of x in the debugger.