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Enable the Wi-Fi

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Enable the Wi-Fi

Hi guys. (I was trying to find a post, but i couldnt)
Im trying to enable the wi-fi in my own project for the Ultra96 using Petalinux. I did a simple project in Vivado, i made the bitstream and then im trying to enable the Wi-Fi via petalinux-config --get-hw-description=<project.sdk>


What i need to make in the Menu?

Im new with the Ultra96 and Petalinux, so if you can explain me in detail i will be better for me.

Thanks for your time !

When working on a custom

When working on a custom Vivado and PetaLinux design for the Ultra96 that also includes WiFi, it may be best to start with the PetaLinux 2018.2 BSP posted on the Xilinx website (you will need to login/register to download this file):

The Vivado project is included in the BSP, so you can identify what is required in the PL and PS config for WiFi, etc. and use this as the starting point for your own custom design.  Note that this BSP maps the user UART out to the low-speed mezzanine connector on pins 11 (Tx) and 13 (Rx).  Here is an excerpt from the XDC constraints file for the Vivado hw platform:

#HD_GPIO_5 on FPGA / Connector pin 13 / UART1_rxd
set_property PACKAGE_PIN G5 [get_ports UART1_rxd]
#HD_GPIO_4 on FPGA / Connector pin 11 / UART1_txd
set_property PACKAGE_PIN F6 [get_ports UART1_txd]

Directions for installing the BSP can be found in Xilinx UG1144:


thanks !

Thank you for your help ! i will do that ! 

I had a problem

I opened the Vivado project and i saw it. Then i used the files (bitstream, hdf,etc) generated to make a new proyect in Petalinux, but i cant replicate the same Petalinux that i can do with the BSP, so my question is:

What files i need to use from the BSP to replicate the same Petalinux but changing some IP cores in the Vivado Project ? 
How can i get all the drivers (or configs) from the BSP to have all the components, like Wi-Fi, Hub(to use a keyboard),etc?

My main idea is to make a Project in Vivado, use the files that i need (bitstream, hdf,etc) and use the bsp as the starting point to make the Petalinux. 

For example, right now i cant use the keyboard, but if i make a comparison between the  Petalinux BSP project's Kernel and My Petalinux  project's Kernel (using the Vivado project from the bsp), i have the same drivers on, but i  cant use the keyboard.

Hope you can help me.