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Error building U96_avnet Matrix Multiply Project

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Error building U96_avnet Matrix Multiply Project

I am following one of the reference tutorials
(Tools 2018.2, Training Version v3, 18 Aug 2018)
This is in Lab 1, Experiment 2 Creating the Matrix Multiply Project for u96_avnet. I am following this to the letter except for choosing the u96_avnet platform instead of the mz_avnet platform. I get the errors below. Could this be an issue in the harware platform from avnet or the Xilinx Matrix Multiply template, or the SDSoC tool (2018.2)?
Any clue? Errors below (either Debug or Release, same results). Thanks!

C:\Users\MDouglas\workspace3\U96MM\Release>exit /b 0 

INFO: [PragmaGen 83-3231] Successfully generated tcl script: C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel.tcl

Moving function mmult_accel to Programmable Logic

ERROR: [SdsCompiler 83-5031] Problem detected in Vivado HLS run - unable to find solution implementation directory for mmult_accel C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel/solution/impl/ip. For possible causes, review C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel/solution/solution.log or C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel_vivado_hls.log.

C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel_vivado_hls.log (last 20 lines):

INFO: [HLS 200-10] Creating and opening project 'C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel'.

INFO: [HLS 200-10] Adding design file 'C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/src/mmult.cpp' to the project

INFO: [HLS 200-10] Creating and opening solution 'C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel/solution'.

INFO: [HLS 200-10] Cleaning up the solution database.

INFO: [HLS 200-10] Setting target device to ' xczu3eg-sbva484-1-e '

INFO: [SYN 201-201] Setting up clock 'default' with a period of 10ns.

INFO: [SYN 201-201] Setting up clock 'default' with an uncertainty of 2.7ns.

INFO: [HLS 200-10] Analyzing design file 'C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/src/mmult.cpp' ... 

invalid command name "log_puts_err"

    while executing

"source C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel_run.tcl"

    invoked from within

"hls::main C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/vhls/mmult_accel_run.tcl -l mmult_accel_vivado_hls.log"

    ("uplevel" body line 1)

    invoked from within

"uplevel 1 hls::main {*}$args"

    (procedure "hls_proc" line 5)

    invoked from within

"hls_proc $argv"

INFO: [Common 17-206] Exiting vivado_hls at Thu Sep 13 14:01:15 2018...

sds++ log file saved as C:/Users/MDouglas/workspace3/U96MM/Release/_sds/reports/sds_mmult.log

ERROR: [SdsCompiler 83-5004] Build failed


make: *** [src/mmult.o] Error 1


14:05:13 Build Finished (took 4m:49s.180ms)



So you trying the Ultra96 sdsoc design on a MicroZed? I would think that is your issue. The two platforms are significantly different.


No, that would be silly. I am

No, that would be silly. I am trying the ultra96 design on an ultra96. The tutorial uses microZed as an example, I am following the instructions, except that I am using the u96_avnet platform instead of the mz_avnet platform. 
And I haven't even gotten anywhere near hardware yet. I should be able to build for microZed as well (but I wouldn't be able to do anything with the build)

Hi Marion,

Hi Marion,


Thanks for clarifying, I now see what you mean. Do you have your Ultra96 SDSoC License installed? Please verify in the license manager

Do you also have the board definition files installed ( Referencing the Experiment setup)



Hi Josh,

Hi Josh,
I do have the board definition files installed (as in the experiment setup). 
I am a little bit overwhelmed with the many licenses.
I have (from the on-line Product Licensing page):
SDSoC Environment 60-day eval license (expires 01 Oct 2018)
OEM Zynq Ultra96 Vivado Design Edition with SDSoC Voucher Pack (expires 02 Aug 2019) (is this the one you mean???)
and in Vivado License Manager a plethora of certificate based licenses. These are either permanent or expire 01-oct-2018, 31-oct-2018, 02-aug 2019. One, named VIVADO_HLS, expired 01-sep-2018.
Interesting that the error I get would be so cryptic if this is due to a licensing issue (rather than just saying "your so-and-so license expired")
Thanks for your help,

I managed to get another

I managed to get another VIVADO_HLS license, but so far get the same results. I'll try to clean and start from scratch and rebuild.