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Ethernet Not Working in Petalinux 2017.3 Kernel

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Ethernet Not Working in Petalinux 2017.3 Kernel

Hi, all.  I'm working with a production silicon UltraZed, and while I can get the ethernet working in u-boot so that I can tftboot the kernel, I cannot get the ethernet working in the kernel.
During kernel boot, I get the following messages:

libphy: Fixed MDIO Bus: probed

macb ff0e0000.ethernet: Not enabling partial store and forward

libphy: MACB_mii_bus: probed

macb ff0e0000.ethernet eth0: Could not attach to PHY


Since it couldn't attach to the PHY, I get the following errors at the end of the boot process:


Configuring network interfaces... ifconfig: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device

ifconfig: SIOCSIFADDR: No such device

route: SIOCADDRT: No such device


My system-user.dtsi entry for the ethernet interface is 

&gem3 {
   status = "okay";
   phy-mode = "rgmii-id";
   phy-handle = <&phy0>;
   local-mac-address = [00 0a 35 00 02 90];
   phy0: phy@9 {
      reg = <0x9>;
      ti,rx-internal-delay = <0x5>;
      ti,tx-internal-delay = <0x5>;
      to,fifo-depth = <0x1>;
I'd appreciate any thoughts on what I could be doing incorrectly.