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Example MiniZeb project to support PetaLinux build

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Example MiniZeb project to support PetaLinux build

Dear Colleagues,
I have employed an example ZedBoard Vivado project and ZedBoard BSP to reproduce a complete Petalinux image for my ZedBoard. I would like to do the same for my iMinZed board, and have downloaded the MiniZed-QSPI.bsp file in anticipation of this work.
Can you please point me to a Vivado 2017.1 Vivado project for the MiniZed board, that is configured to work with this BSP, so that I can build a full Linux system, as per the ZedBoard.
Failing this, is there a tutorial that I can follow that will help me to setup and build a suitable Zynq project on the MiniZed board.

Hello DJE666,

Hello DJE666,


Please refer to the "Prebuilt Platforms Using Hardware Deginition Files" reference design located here