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Export Hardware to microzed reference design

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Export Hardware to microzed reference design

I am using one of the microzed reference designs with Vivado 2015.4.  I've made some modifications to the design and want to export the hardware/bit file to my SDK workspace.  When I export the hardware from Vivado (pointing  the workspace to the .sdk directory - not "local"), I notice that the name of .hdf file that was created  (in the .sdk directory) does not match the name of .hdf file from the original pre built reference design.  new file = embv_p1300c_wrapper.hdf vs old file = embv_p1300c_fb_hw.hdf.  This makes me wonder if my sdk is picking up the new changes.  I could rename the file, but when I look at the source tree for the hw (embv_p1300c_fb_hw) from the SDK gui it shows  system.hdf which I am assuming came from the old .hdf in the parent directory.  My question is how do I properly export the changes made to one of the reference designs so that it is picked up properly by the SDK?

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You are correct. After you modify the Vivado project to customize it how ever you please, you must then generate the bitstream. After generating the bitstream is complete you must then open the Implemented Design. With the Implemented Design open click file --> export Hardware. Make sure to select the box to include the bitstream and then export it to your desired location. Then Open SDK in that directory whether it through the SDK GUI or Vivado GUI.