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External power to breakout carrier

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External power to breakout carrier

I have a PicoZed SDR connected to a breakout carrier card.  I need to supply some voltages externally and am confused about how to do that. 
According to the hardware users guide of the breakout carrier (page 11), it says to remove E13 and apply 5V to P17.  Do I need supply 5V to both pin 1 and pin 2 of P17?  Or just one of them?  And how do I connect my ground in this case?
Also, I need to have I/O banks 13, 33, and 34 all running at 1.2V.  According to the same document (page 10), this is done by desoldering JP1 and JP3 and connecting my 1.2V supply to P12 and P16.  By the looks of the diagram, I should only be putting this voltage on P12/Pin1 and P16/Pin2.  Is this correct?  And once again, how do I connect the ground in this case?
Thanks for all of your help in advance.