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FMC connector in zedboard

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FMC connector in zedboard

We are working on a project using zedboard. We need to interface between the FPGA in the board and the FMC connector
because we want to connect a USB transceiver daughter board that has  FMC connector  to our zedboard  since it needs to be connected to FPGA FIFO master board.
Therefor, we are wondering if there is a sample program that take care of the connection between the FPGA and FMC connector.
I hope you can help us.

I'm not exactly sure what you

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. We do publish a User Guide and a Master Contraint file that will share the pinout between the Zynq and the FMC. You will need to design in the peripheral controller and then make the proper connection to the specific pins. Or are you talking about a new PCB design of an FMC daughtercard?


i want to use external ADC

i want to use external ADC with a max of 40 MHZ with the Zedboard (Zynq-7000 AP SoC XC7Z020-CLG484). I have never worked with a Zedboard before either.
Initially, I'm thinking that the pmod will be able to take in the output of the 8-bit ADC, but I am trying to send that data through the FMC as an output. Trying to look through the schematic for the pin-outs and the data sheet I've read that there are two LA buses within the FMC which are either 0:16 or from 17:33 each having separate banks. There wasn't much more detail about the FMC within the datasheet to really see how the connections work.
My question here is, are we able to use just one of those buses, configure and assign pins to be set to the 8-bit digital inputs?

The external board can work. 

The external board can work.  But the problem is have to follow the proper pin configuration of FMC as given in schematics of Zedboard.
Also, you have to update xdc file on your own so that FMC IO pins can be defined properly.
Right now i am using the FMC of zedboard and dealt with the the pin configuration. Finally, it works.

Hello Neisa,

Hello Neisa,

Please ask this question over at the Digieltn forum as they are your point of contact for educational support.