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FreeRTOS IIC Driver Repository Location

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FreeRTOS IIC Driver Repository Location


I am using Xilinx SDK 2013.4. I have an application developed in Standalone mode. The application is developed based on the IIC protocol using PS programming.
I would like to use the same program converted to FreeRTOS. I understood that there needs to be a repository of some kind to be added. But I am not able to locate or find those IIC FreeRTOS drivers to be added in my FreeRTOS BSP.


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FreeRTOS Repositories

Hi Ram,
  FreeRTOS is set up and invoked from a subroutine library after the processor system boots into a standalone C application.  Even though it takes control of the CPU when the real-time engine is started, it still operates within the context of a standalone C program, and thus all of the normal drivers in a standalone BSP package are available.  If you are using Xilinx 2013.4 tools, then the FreeRTOS repositories you can use are contained within the 2013.10 PetaLinux installation, and you can actually refer to UG978 for instructions on how to get FreeRTOS running.  This document shows how to create an AMP system, but you can just use the FreeRTOS part if you like.
  For the 2014.4 release, you can download the latest FreeRTOS 8.2.0 package from the website.  This package contains demo applications for many different processor systems, but the one you want is the Cortex-A9 Xilinx port for the ZC702.  It doesn't use anything in the PL, so the port is fairly simple to move to other Zynq devices - you just want to use your own hw platform that hooks up whatever devices you need on your target board.  In this demo, you can see how FreeRTOS can be used as an application on top of a normal standalone BSP, or you can create a BSP as was done in the PetaLinux 2013.10 release - it's your choice as to how you want to put the infrastructure together.