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Generate the Boot.ini file for a Linux app

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Generate the Boot.ini file for a Linux app


I have finished the development of a linux application and now I would like to put all necessary files on a SD card in order to load my program when the Microzed is power on.

I have generated a FSBL on SDK and I have created a boot.ini file with inside the following files:
- fsbl.elf (bootloader)
- myBistream.bit (datafile)
- u-boot.elf (datafile)

On my SD card I have the following files:
- boot.ini
- devicetree.dtb
- uImage
- uramdisk.image.gz
- myApplication.elf

When I plug my SD card on the MicroZed board nothing happen. No messages are display in the terminal.

What are my mistake ?



boot.bin file

More information here would help us to narrow down the many possibilities that could cause this error.  The most obvious one that stands out is that the Zynq BOOTROM requires the name of the boot image to be boot.bin, not boot.ini.   If you are using that name, the SoC will not even locate the boot image file, so nothing will happen.
If this is not the issue, please provide the following information:
1. Which of the various Linux versions available for ZedBoard are you using?  (PetaLinux, OSL, Ubuntu, etc.)
2. Does the blue done LED illuminate when you power the board?
3. Can you boot the board with a prebuilt Linux image that can be downloaded from various reference design packages on this site?