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how to communicate with DDR3 in PS on zedboard

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how to communicate with DDR3 in PS on zedboard

hi,I'm a beginner of zedboard, and i am finishing my task to build a video transport system. and now i have used VDMA to generate the transportation channels( s2mm and mm2s), but i am just troubled about how to communicate with DDR3 on my project.
should I use AXI Interconnect ip core? and has the master AXI4 port of it been connected to the PS(or DDR3)? if not, how can i constrain my outputs to finish this communication?
hurrily wish your reply.


The easiest way to get your video data into the DDR3 is to use the AXI VDMA block. It seems that you are using that without the AXI interconnect?
Since your trouble is on the Processor side, there is a video reference design that I think can help you on the Reference Designs/Tutorials page located here:
"FMC-IMAGEON IP Cores and Tutorials for Vivado"

That tutorial has a solutions file where the VDMA is being used.

On the PS side, it should be as easy as either reading the memory directly, or less costly in processor cycles - use the DMA. This will require some work to setup in the software.