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How to configure ISE license on Linux?

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How to configure ISE license on Linux?

Hi all,
I'm new in Xilinx ISE Linux version. I need to connect to license server to get ISE work, but I can't input our license server address to 'XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE' in Xilinx License Configuration Manager.

I saw there is a message 'Linux users will need to make these settings outside of this application', so how to configure license?

Since your question is

Since your question is specific to the Xilinx tools, I would recommend you use the Xilinx forums.

This is actually a low-level

This is actually a low-level Linux question...

You need to ensure the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is set to your license server address before starting the ISE tools.

If you were starting the tools from the command line, this can be done by:

ise &

Where xxxx is the port number and YYYY is the name or IP address of your license server.

If you want to start ISE from the menus in your desktop environment, then you will need to add the "export" statement to an appropriate login startup file (e.g. .profile or .bash_rc)

You can verify if that has happened correctly by starting a shell from the desktop menus, and entering
"echo $XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE", which will show what the variable is set to (if anything)