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How to programe Ultrazed SOM with PCIe interface

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How to programe Ultrazed SOM with PCIe interface

We have received an Ultrazed PCIe Carrier card and an SOM.Following the Quick start Guide of the carrier card, we got the card to work through COM interface.
However, as we were expected , it should can be programmed through PCIe interface also. So we plug it into an PCIe Slot in our PC/workstation, but we don't know what to do next.
Any advices on how to program it through PCIe? What are the benifits of using an PCIe carrier card instead of "I/O" one, and how to get these benefits?

Hello Liyumove,

Hello Liyumove,

Using the PCIE Carrier Card instead of the IO carrier card, offer different interfaces such as an FMC Connection and the PCIE connection. While the IO Carrier Card offers more Pmod connector ect. Please see the Hardware User guide for each carrier card to view the differences. 

Here is a PCIE guide Xilinx offers that may be benificial to you