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ILA Core in Zynq Speedway Hardware Training Lab 8

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ILA Core in Zynq Speedway Hardware Training Lab 8

In experiment 2 of lab 8 you use hardware manager to connect to the ILA core you created in Lab 7. 
But, when you click "Run Trigger Immediate" (step 10) you get the following dialog:
"Use the Refresh Device command with a valid Probes (debug_nets.ltx) file before executing the command: Run Trigger Immediate"
The tutorial never mentions the probes file.

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Hello dlwalter,

Hello dlwalter,

I will go and run through that section to see what you are talking about and get back to you. First though just so I have the same setup as you I have a few questions. What lab version are you using (2016.2)? What version of Vivado are you running? Also which board are you using (PicoZed,MicroZed,Zedboard), and what Zynq Device(7010, 7015, 7020, 7030)?