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Inconsistent Signal Names

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Inconsistent Signal Names

I am working with a Microzed Rev F and a breakout board MBCC-BKO.  I am presently figuring out what pins I need to use on the Zynq to speak over the connector.
I was tracing the shematic for Connector 2, pin 33.  On the breakout board, that pin corresponds to signal IO_L13N_T2_35, which connects to JX2 Pin 55 ( page 2).  However, the schematic for the Zynq Board ( page 8) shows JX2 pin 55 mapping to signal JX2_LVDS_12_N.  Is this inconsistency in name correct?

Hello Imarcuson,

Hello Imarcuson,

I understand your confusing. The JX2_LVDS_12_N is considered the MicroZed Net Name. While the IO_L12N_T2_35 is considered the Zynq Pin Name. Yes you care correct in your thinking that those two names match up. Please read through the MicroZed JX1 JX2 Pinout Tables located here for a better understanding.