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Linux startting problem

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Linux startting problem

I have met a strange problem. I have tried to move linux on Zedboard, and I have followed the tutorial on support-Reference Designs/Tutorials-Ubuntu Desktop Linux.Then I can start Linux and use it .But today, when I want to start Linux on Zedboard as usual, I can't make it. There is always a message"modprobe:FATAL:could not load /lib/modules/3.13.0-g5aa6400/moudles.dep:No such file or directory"print on my displayer for many times. I have never met thing like this before when I use the Linux.
Now, I want to know why this happened,and what can I do to solve it.
Thanks in advance.

File System Issue?

My first thought is that something has been altered in the persistent file system on the SD card, and this is preventing one of the driver modules from loading during the boot process.   I would suggest reinstalling the root file system from the Linaro image as documented in the tutorial.

In addition to what Ron

In addition to what Ron suggested, it looks like this post on the Xilinx forums is relevant.