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Make memory region uncacheable

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Make memory region uncacheable


how can one make a memory region uncacheable?

For example in the Ethernet Driver description stands:

It is expected that all BDs are allocated in from uncached area.

In an example program they do the following:

* The BDs need to be allocated in uncached memory. Hence the 1 MB
* address range that starts at address 0xFF00000 is made uncached.
Xil_SetTlbAttributes(RX_BD_LIST_START_ADDRESS, 0xc02);

But firstly I did not find out how to propperly use this function to set the appropriate attributes and secondly I do not understand why one should set TLB attributes, if one does not even use virtual memory.

Can somebody help?

P.S. I posted the same question to but nobody replied

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The answer is here:
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ethernet example code(transmit data from zynq soc board to PC)

hi sir, this is srinivas,
i need ethernet example code for transmitting data from zynq 7000 soc board to host PC.
please send me if u have.
iam using zynq(zc7z035) and phy( marvell 88e1512)

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Ethernet Working Example Code

Please send me ethernet working example code.
If you have any documentation with that it would be helpful.
Please send it mail id