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MicroZed BKO-CC with SBC?

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MicroZed BKO-CC with SBC?

Hello all,
I'm wondering if the MicroZed SBC can be used with the BKO-CC breakout board. It looks to me like the connectors JX1 and JX2 would get flipped in reference to the BKO-CC board when mounting the SBC to the carrier - causing some potential issues.
If this is the case (that they're incompatible), I would ask why? All that is currently stocked in the 7020 is the SBC version, I do, however, require the breakout as well.
Thanks in advance!

Hello desparateman,

Hello desparateman,

Unfortunatly the MicroZed SBC and the BKO-CC are not compatible. The SBC has a different sales model behind it, please read the description here

My suggestion would be for you to purchase a MicroZed 7020 I and the BKO-CC. We currently have those in stock(74 pieces)

The only difference is this MicroZed 7020 I is industrial temperature rated. ( its also cheaper then the MicroZed SBC)

Hope this helps!