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Microzed Breakout Carrier to Germany?

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Microzed Breakout Carrier to Germany?

I am trying to order a breakout carrier car to Germany. But the checkout process is stuck on the shippjng destination showing the message: 
"Error:Please remove these products from your cart as their ECCN CODE is not equal to EAR99 : AES-MBCC-BRK-G"
Does this mean export regulations prevent selling the carrier card outside the US?

That's interesting, the

That's interesting, the breakout board has two different ECCN codes on the silica and the products page. The US product page has EAR99, while the silica page shows 3A992A.

We are checking into this.

We are checking into this.
Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

Hello Eazrael,

Hello Eazrael,

After speaking to those in charge of shiping and production, all ECCN codes should be fixed as of now. Will you please try once more and if unsucessful will your provide a detailed guide on how you produced your purchasing error that I could potentially recreate.



I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem buying a Microzed
Error:Please remove these products from your cart as their ECCN CODE is not equal to EAR99 : AES-Z7MB-7Z020-C01-I-G
What should I do?

I am sorry to say this. The

I am sorry to say this. The microzed is a great development system, the tutorials and documentation are really excellent but buying from AVnet is really PITA. Sorry. 2 orders and two times multiple fails...I ordered the Breakout carrier from the US and I really regret this. I won't recommend the microzed or picozed to anyone until you can buy it from a competent distributor or retailer like Mouser, Digikey or others. It's really sad that such a good product is so hard to come by.
The problem persists. I just tried it, the Breakout Carrier still has 3A992A as ECCN on the silica page. Steps to reproduce: Open a private browsing session in your browser, goto , verify that EMEA is selected on the top and look for the ECCN Code.
I tried to ship it to a German address, AVnet silica is shipping from Munich area in Germany, why does the export categorization matter at all? 

Fix by Monday, January 16

I apologize for the issues. I spoke with our Silica team, and it sounds like the patch took a bit more than previously expected. I am told that the patch should be live by Monday, January 16th, and this should resolve the issues with the ECCN codes in Europe.

Please let us know if you have further problems. Thank you for your kind words regarding our products! Hopefully we can resolve these issues so more people can purchase them!