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MicroZed roadmap

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MicroZed roadmap

Hi, I'd like to buy the industrial grade MicroZed:
Is it Obsolete?
Is it changed with this:
Is it in production for next years?

Hello Francesco,

Hello Francesco,

The AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-I-G and AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-I-G-REV-F are both correct. This product is not Obsolete. We are currently looking at making a Rev G MicroZed SOM that is 100% compatible with the previous MicroZed Revision SOMs. If you look at the AES-Z7MB-7020-SOM-I-G-Rev-F part#, that is there to distinguish for customers that wish to stay with the Rev-F SOMs when Rev-G SOMS are available. 

As for now feel free to order from either Part#, you should not see a difference going from Rev F to Rev G SOMswhen they are available. We also plan to build MicroZeds for many years to come.

I hope that solved your question