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MicroZed step file and EMI

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MicroZed step file and EMI

I'm using Altium Designer v17 to design a complicated carrier board, there are many RF connectors and IC on the board.
I have found the dimension of the MicroZed  in your website, but for checking the collision on my carrier board it's better to check the step file, is there such step file? (I'm using MicroZed RevF07).
another question is:
when I want to place the MicroZed on my carrier board, there are some IC below the MicroZed.
(I mean beneath the secondary side of below blue ovals)
how many layers did you use? is there any solid, unified ground plane? (for checking the EMI). is there any big EMI issue on the bottom side of MicroZed?
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Hello Xzsaw21,

Hello Xzsaw21,

We actually have the step files already provided on the web. Please look at the the documentation page for MicroZed and refer yourself to the Mechanical Drawings section 3D model. 

A layout PDF is also available for you on that page.