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Microzed XADC pins + Connections BKO Carrier

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Microzed XADC pins + Connections BKO Carrier

Hello !

I'm trying to use the XADC on the Microzed 7010 to input analog signal and filter it on the FPGA. I have a Breakout Carrier Card to enable this analog input.

I looked at the pins that connect the VP_0_P and the VN_0_N to the JX1 microheader :
(   page 18)
VP_0_P : Bank 0, L10     JX1Pin : 97
VN_0_N : Bank 0, K9      JX1Pin : 99

Then I took a look at the BKO card to see where to connect my input signal. I searched for the JX1Pin 97 and 99, but they both are referenced as GND.
(   page 10)
Thus I'm confused to where I should connect my inputs to use the dedicated Vp and Vn inputs of the SoC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you !

Hello Luc,

Hello Luc,

If you look in the BKO card HW User Guide, section 2.1.3. it states Bank 35 exposes several I/Os that may be used as analog inputs to the XADC.


You could try looking into bank 35 for the application you wish to run.


Hello Luc,

Hello Luc,
you can use the ADC channel 0 out of xadc 8 channels connected to connecter2 of breakout board.

CON2, pin 5 IO_L1P_T0_35 JX2, pin 17 Bank 35, C20 IO_L1P_T0_AD0P_35

CON2, pin 7 IO_L1N_T0_35  JX2, pin 19 Bank 35, B20 IO_L1N_T0_AD0N_35


pin 7 n channel must be grounded for propper readout if you are using single ended signal.