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Mini-DP supported screen resolution

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Mini-DP supported screen resolution

Are there any limitations which kind of monitor (resolution) can be used? I searched the documentation for but was not able to find related specification.
Reason for question:
I connect the Ultra96 to a monitor using Mini-DP to DP cable. When booting up, for a few seconds I see a text screen with boot messages. At some point, the screen goes black first then to stand-by, after some seconds.
The board is still alive, I can connect through wifi. However, no screen output anymore.
My monitor has 3840x1600 screen resolution. Just guessing that this might be too much for the board when attempting to switch to graphics mode. Maybe there is a limit, e.g. max. full HD.
Any hints are welcome.

Hi CamelCase,

Hi CamelCase,

As far as supported monitors please view this AR. Anything outside of what is described here has either not been tested or has failed any test. If you are able I would suggest trying a monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080.